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Quest for the Best - Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Are you looking for some gift ideas for your friends or loved ones who are on a health journey or just looking for things to ask for for yourself? Here is list of a few of my favorite things that I hope you'll find helpful and inspiring!

(Please note that some of these links provided here are affiliate links, which means that if you buy using this link - full disclosure - I will receive a small commission at no extra cost for you. Affiliate links are annotated with ($).)

Before we launch into the Gift Ideas, I wanted to suggest a couple of ways to stretch your budget a little further this holiday season.

Supplement Discounts

Wellevate by Emerson Ecologics ($): By using this link, you can save up to 25% off of retail prices on many of the supplement brands that you already use and love, like Pure Encapsulations, Gaia Herbs, Enzymedica, and more. Just sign up for your free account and shipping is free for orders over $49 (US only).

Vimergy: While I have yet to find a way to bring you discounts on Vimergy products (and trust me, I am keeping my eyes open on this!), Vimergy traditionally has its best sale of the year in November, around or before Black Friday. So plan to stock up and take advantage of their bulk savings, too!

Update: This sale ended on 11/15/21.

Kitchen Ideas

OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Produce Keepers ($): These are a great way to store your leafy greens in the fridge and keep them fresher longer. They come in three sizes – the large one is perfect for things like kale or a big container of spinach, medium works well for regular-sized heads of lettuce, and the small one is great for fruits like figs or strawberries. They also make an herb keeper, which is a helpful way to extend the life of store-bought herbs.

Stasher Bags ($): These silicone storage bags are perfect for storing and freezing foods or carrying your supplements around. In addition, they are lighter and safer than glass containers and help to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags. Recently, I have been enjoying the larger stand-up bags to freeze things like fresh pomegranate seeds so that I have a good supply year-round.

OXO Good Grips Cut & Keep Citrus Saver for Lemons and Limes ($): Are you looking for a better way to store half-cut lemons and limes? These great little keepers envelop your already-cut wedges to keep air away from them and take up a lot less space in the fridge. They also make them for onions and tomatoes, too.

Joie Fresh Stretch Pod for Avocados ($): This is similar to the lemon and lime savers, but is designed for avocados – which I’m sure you know are notorious for going bad quickly. I’ve looked long and hard for something to replace the effectiveness of aluminum foil (because of the aluminum residue it leaves on food and hands… ewww), and I’ve been loving this one!

OXO Good Grips Ice Cube Tray ($): These are perfect for freezing and storing lemon juice, orange juice, broth, leftover coconut milk, or even chopped up cilantro. One of the neatest things about them is that they make ice cubes with rounded (instead of square) bottoms so you can easily just push one side and slide one cube out of the tray, rather than wrangling the tray just to get one to pop out. You may have heard me mentioned these before and it's because I'm more obsessed with them today than I was the day I first bought them.

Benriner Mandoline/Vegetable Slicer ($): This is works well when you want a consistent, thin slice for things like potato nachos and beautiful watermelon radish slices for your salad. It comes with four blades, so it can be used for a variety of slices. It is compact and easy to store. (Don't forget to protect your fingers with the safety guard - the blade is very sharp!)

Vitamix 5200 Blender ($): Are you ready to upgrade your blender, now that you’ve been making so many healthy smoothies and soups? Vitamix is one of the most durable and effective high-speed blenders available. It will make the toughest smoothie really smooth, which is great because there is nothing like having frozen blueberry chunks in your smoothie. I bought mine (The Legacy Series in Black) in 2007 and the motor is still going strong after 14 years! A few years back, I bought the smaller 32oz container, which works better when using smaller amounts of ingredients, such as when you’re making dressings or sauces. A silicone spatula helps ensure you can get all of your sauce, soup, or smoothie out as well.

Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer ($): Are you ready for a new juicer? This may seem like an unexpected choice, but I absolutely love this juicer – and I have tried others that are three-times the cost and have always come back to my old favorite. This juicer juices celery, cucumbers, and apples (and a wide variety of other fruits and veggies) very quickly and efficiently and you won’t have to strain the juice before drinking it, all while yielding a comparable amount of juice to some of the more expensive juicers. (One trick here is to make sure the strainer basket is clean and for that I use Branch Basics, which is my next recommendation on this list!) Because it’s a fast juicer, the juice stays cold on it's way through. Lastly, it cleans up as quickly as the competition and is really durable (mine has been going for nearly 6 years of daily celery juicing at this point!).

Branch Basics Cleaning Products ($): I cannot say enough about these cleaning products! Branch Basics keeps it simple - there are only two cleaners you need – the Concentrated Soap and Oxygen Boost granules. They are non-toxic, fragrance-free, essential-oil free, and preservative-free. In the Starter Kit, you will receive five re-usable bottles for mixing the right proportion of water with the Concentrate, because you’re not paying for a bottle that’s mostly water, it’s concentrated cleaner! These cover nearly any use in your house, including All-Purpose Spray, Laundry Detergent, Bathroom Spray, Streak-Free Window and Glass Spray, and Foaming Hand Soap. I use these to keep my juicer clean (check out my YouTube channel to see how) and in every room of my house, too, including for my laundry. Whenever I’m confronted with a challenging cleaning situation, whether it’s a clothing stain or trying to get the essential oil build-up out of my diffusers, Branch Basics has come to the rescue every time! Shipping is free in the US on orders over $49, and it’s only $8 flat-rate to Canada. Use the code CAREFULLYHEALING for 15% off any Starter Kit!

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! The CAREFULLYHEALING code is good for 20% off ALL Kits through Monday, 11/29/21! Plus you'll receive a free Branch Basics hat if your order is more than $98!

Personal Care Ideas

Living Libations Products ($): I have used these clean, high-quality products for more than four years, including their beauty products and especially their dental care products. A few of my favorites are the Best Skin Ever Rose for your face (for warmer weather) and the Rose Glow crème (for dryer weather). For my teeth, Neem Enamelizer Alkalinizing Toothpaste, Happy Gum Drops, and Ozonated Happy Gum Gel (which I use on my dental floss) are staple items.

Orgonite Pyramids by KatWB: I just love the heart and soul that Kat pours into her orgonite creations. And they aren’t just beautiful, they also help reduce your EMF exposure! So if you’re looking for something gorgeous that’s also protecting you at the same time, choose one of her exquisite creations. Use the code CAREFULLYHEALING for 11% off your order (good until 12/31/21).

Belly Armor Anti-Radiation Belly Blanket ($): I use this when I’m working on my computer on my lap, or using my tablet or phone while resting it on my tummy. These were designed for pregnant ladies, but are a good way to protect yourself from radiation as well. This one is machine washable (air dry) and I love the added bonus that it keeps me warm if I get a little chilly.

Reclaim Teas: Are you using 3 or 4 tea bags in a cup to make your tea blends? It’s time to give up that hassle and just buy them blended for you, in the combinations that you’re looking for. Started by a member of our community, Shauna Yorty, you can buy these organic teas already blended, in combinations like Radiation Clear, Pesticide Clear, Plastic Clear, Chlorine Clear, and Liver Heal. Use the code QUEST15 for 15% of your next order!

Tea Bag Wallet ($): Want to enjoy a cup of tea after a meal out and not be worried that the one offered by the restaurant has natural flavors in it? These adorable tea bag wallets let you bring your own tea bags with you! They are hand-made in Pennsylvania, machine washable, and will hold up to four tea bags.

Emotion Code Special $333 for three hour-long sessions: Are you ready to dig deeper on your health journey and delve into some emotional healing? We will work together to release emotions that have been trapped in your body and may be holding you back, both emotionally and physically. So if you're ready to dig deeper, this deal is for you. (Package must be completed by 6/30/22.)

Stream2Sea Sun Protection ($): Going on a beach vacation this winter? This is wonderful sunscreen that is both human-safe and reef-safe. It’s base is made from the mineral titanium dioxide, which won’t absorb into your skin, but rather will stay on the surface, unlike the nasty chemicals in so many of the other so-called clean sunscreens. The company also offers a wide array of other personal care products, including shampoo, conditioner, and hand sanitizer as well.

Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper ($): Whoever said toilet paper has to be boring? This is high-quality bamboo toilet paper (more sustainable and renewable than trees) that comes in colorful, decorative packaging, plus they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. Use this link for $10 off your first order of $48 or more and shipping is free over $25 (in the US). If you’re in Canada, you can use this link.

A Donation to Underdog Warriors: If you are also inspired to give to others during the holiday season, please consider a donation to Underdog Warriors. They provide assistance to people in need for Medical Medium® tools and supplements and they provide subsidies for health coaching sessions. If you’d like to learn more about this wonderful organization, please check out their website at

Some Fun Things

Angel Cards ($): These are a fun way to glean some guidance from the angels by choosing a card. Each card represents a positive idea like Light, Compassion, Freedom, and Understanding.

A Beautiful Journal ($): Journaling is a great way to keep track of your protocol and healing progress, or to just work through some of your thoughts by writing them down. This can be such an important part of any health journey because it’s easy to lose track of things that heal once the healing gets going! While you can use your computer or any journal, I love these beautiful lined-paper journals from Peter Pauper Press that come in a variety of beautiful designs. The one I’m currently using is Autumn Moon and my previous one was Timeless Tree.

A Page-A-Day Calendar for 2022 ($): One of my favorites is the Tiny Buddha® calendar with new uplifting quotes to bring a little inspiration to every day. You could also look for one related to a topic you love, including pets, humor, cooking, puzzles, travel and more.

Entertainment and Education

The Six Medical Medium books, by Anthony William ($): Would you like to gift them to a loved one or friend? Or want to catch up on one that you haven’t gotten to yet? Or maybe now is that time to buy the digital copy for your tablet device (so that you can search by keywords)!

Another way to catch up on your reading, especially if it’s too much to try to sit and read a book right now, is to listen to the audio versions of your favorite books through Audible ($). You can listen while you’re preparing your holiday feast or driving to Grandma’s house!

The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson ($): This book explains how this emotional healing technique works and how you can practice it on yourself. While the link here is to Amazon, you may also be able to find it by Googling “Emotion Code Book pdf”.

If you’re interested in practicing Emotion Code on yourself and prefer to use a pendulum instead of muscle testing or the sway test, here’s a cute book that will teach you train your pendulums and learn how to use them: A Little Book of Pendulum Magic, by D.J. Conway ($)

Looking for a pendulum to practice with? Pendulums are very specific to each person and you should choose one that resonates with you. Find a crystal or spiritual bookstore near you and pick out the one that you connect with the most.

Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton, PhD ($): This book really opened my eyes to what happens to our souls in between our time here in our physical bodies. I found it extremely comforting to have this glimpse into the afterlife. So if you’re ready for some good woo-woo reading, this book is for you.

Music from people in our community: If you’ve been listening to the Quest for Healing Podcast, you may have heard the interviews with both Alyssa Degati (episode #19) and Tivon Pennicott (episode #47). Both have an incredible musical gift.

Alyssa Degati’s extremely moving Angel of Mercy ($)

Tivon Pennicott’s Spirit Garden ($), including his inspired song, Celery Juice

Amazon Prime Video Membership: Want to check out some of the enticing documentaries like The Game Changers, What the Health, or The Social Dilemma? Or something that’s humorous like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? Make it easy to watch what you want, when you want, on any device.

I hope you find these helpful as you start your shopping - please share this with your friends! Happy holidays to you and your family!

What is on your gift list this year? Let me know below!


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